New Release is a new website launched in 2015 and currently undergoing optimization. The website is currently in its beta-testing phase.

Due to its infancy, there could still be application and user errors to improve upon, and therefore appreciative feedback that would in any way help us optimize this Danish lost and found service portal.


With  its mission of filling a social services gap for Danish residents, as well as for visitors and tourists, this website gives direct links, access and contact information to those seeking lost-and-found. (meaning ‘’lost and found’’ in Danish) and are the same website, and were created to help get lost property returned and help those who have located any property to easily contact the official channels. This could be anything from keys, cell phones and laptop computers, to other valuables, which often have greater value to us than we realize.

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If you are interested in linking to, you are very welcome to do so within the ethical bound and practices expected. Any abuse will be reported. If you have your own "lost-and-found" office and would like that people can find you in case they have lost some property, you are very welcome to contact us via our contact formula.

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